Business Immigration

It Is Difficult for U.S. Businesses to Hire Highly Skilled Foreign Workers.

2014 saw a significant barrier for over 40,000 highly skilled workers that received the bad news that their H-1B petition would not even be reviewed by USCIS because USCIS received approximately 125,000 H-1B applications for 85,000 spots. Read more

Business Succession Planning 101

What is Business Succession Planning?

Business succession planning is the process in which long-term needs are identified and addressed. The main concern in succession planning is in providing for the continuation of business operations in the event that the owner or manager retires or suddenly becomes incapacitated or deceased. This can occur by several means, such as transferring leadership to the following generation of family members or by naming a specific person to become the next owner.

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Open Your Business the Right Way!

Have you ever entertained the idea of starting your own business? The exhilaration of being an entrepreneur is not for the weak of heart. And, in legal terms, knowing what type of business you want to be is a critical question to ask from the outset. Read more