Small Gaps in Laws Lead to Major Headaches

During the course of some years doing our job defending people, we have seen quite a few instances where the law has gaps or failures in the process that can unexpectedly catch people in messy legal situations. In some cases that we have seen, the individual might not even know that they have been put in a bad situation until a routine traffic stop. Warrants can be issued for your arrest without your knowledge. Jurisdiction for a proceeding might switch to a state with different laws unintentionally. Unethical but not unlawful debt collections can be brought against you. How can you protect yourself from these situations so you don’t get hit for thousands of dollars in court and law fees or worse, fines? Leer más

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“You might beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.”

constitution-preambleIf we want to protect our honest law enforcement officers from unjustified acts of aggression, if we want to protect our fellow citizens from unlawful government intrusion and excessive force, if we want to actually achieve “law and order” rather than use it as a political catch phrase, we must resurrect our Fourth Amendment. Without it, all of our rights and protections against unlawful government intrusion and excessive force will be limited only to the amount of attention you receive from the Government. Leer más


Paradas de Trafico y el Olor de Marihuana

Últimamente existe una gran preocupación con respecto al abuso de los poderes policiales. Pero eso no es de lo que este artículo se trata. Leer más


Sus “Libertades” Durante un Encuentro de Policía en Texas

Ponemos énfasis especial en la palabra “libertades” porque tenemos que empezar con la premisa que sus derechos constitucionalmente protegidos pertenecen a usted, pero usted no decidirá cuando los utiliza. Sus “libertades” se ejercerán para usted en un momento futuro y serán invocados para usted mucho después que su “libertad” haya sido violada. Este concepto de libertades se extiende a través de muchas situaciones, incluyendo los encuentros con la policía. Leer más


Más allá de Stop and Frisk: Definición de la Cuarta Enmienda del Constitución

La ley permite a los ciudadanos a “consentir” a ciertos procedimientos o investigaciones, a veces sin que estén conscientes de ello. Todos sabemos que la Cuarta Enmienda de nuestra Constitución de los Estados Unidos tiene la intención de protegernos de investigaciones y arrestos irrazonables. Es decir, la policía no tiene permitido arrestarlo o mirar a través de sus objetos personales sin tener una justificación razonable para hacerlo. Justificaciones a una detención o de una búsqueda pueden ocurrir en el contexto de muchos encuentros con la policía. Por ejemplo, cuando los oficiales son testigos de una violación de la ley y lo ven completar un crimen de principio a fin. Ese tipo de ocurrencia es rara. Leer más


Setting Bail in Texas

So how does a court in Texas set bail? Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 17.15 tells us:

  1. Bail should be sufficiently high to give reasonable assurance that the [defendant will appear in court];
  2. The power to require bail is not to be used as to make it an instrument of oppression;
  3. The nature of the offense and the circumstances under which it was committed are to be considered;
  4. The ability to make bail is to be regarded and proof may be taken upon this point; and
  5. The future safety of a victim of the alleged offense and the community shall be considered.

The trial court has wide discretion in analyzing these factors. Leer más

Rodriguez v. United States

The Supreme Court this week handed down an opinion that should be celebrated by Fourth Amendment advocates as a step forward in the fight against government and law enforcement overreach. In a 6-3 opinion the Court held that police officers may not unnecessarily prolong a traffic stop to perform a dog-sniffing drug search. Leer más


It is that time of year in San Antonio: Fiesta. For the next few weeks San Antonio will be home to countless events filled with live music, great food, and a lot of alcohol. Leer más

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