A Kingdom of Fear

“While our forefathers were concerned that King George’s Red Coats were breaking down their doors and rummaging through their underwear drawers, today we are faced with a more sophisticated means of invading our privacy. The new technology is not physical. You cannot see it. You cannot feel it.
Stealth-like, it steals your thoughts. It steals your conversations. It invades the crossroads between the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure and the First Amendment rights to free speech and association. It cuts to the quick the citizenries’ right to protest and complain about their government. The Fourth Amendment protection of a citizen’s privacy against his or her government’s intrusion is the linchpin upon which all other civil liberties rest.”

– Letter from Gerry Goldstein to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (June 15, 2002)*

*Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2003). A Kingdom of Fear. Simon & Schuster



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