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New Law Makes Certain Texts a Misdemeanor

A law was passed recently that makes sharing a personal text intended for you with someone else a crime if that text meets certain criteria and causes harm to the person. Generally, this pertains to sexually explicit or suggestive photos that are texted to one individual and then passed on to another without express permission.

In the case we saw, a man was being texted constantly by a former girlfriend and, after repeated requests to be left alone, the man texted a nude photo the woman had sent to him to her mother. And it cost him.

What makes this shocking is that the law is quite broad in its interpretation of what a “reasonable expectation” of privacy is in this case. And what “harm” is in this case is quite vague as well. And remember, how an individual feels about this man’s actions are irrelevant as to whether or not these circumstances constitute a crime. The law here is vague enough that it works here but in other circumstances might paint too wide a swash.

The vagueness of this particular law could open up the law to constitutional challenges. But until that time arrives or changes are made in some other way, don’t let a hot head get the better of you.

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