RGP attorneys have returned two not guilty verdicts for clients wrongfully accused of criminal offenses this month. In May, a jury returned a not guilty verdict in a misdemeanor assault case for a woman who found herself on trial for defending herself against an attack by her significant other. Attorneys Jason Rogers and Joseph Patton argued zealously to the jury that it was a case of self-defense and the investigation was woefully inadequate. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty in less than 30 minutes.

In another case, Mr. Patton teamed up with attorneys Don Flanary and Casie Gotro in a sexual assault case to defend a wrongfully accused 20 year old student. After 18 months of preparation and a 4 day trial, the jury took less than 2 hours to see through the false allegations and return a not guilty verdict. It was an emotional day for the client, his family, and the entire defense team.

“In both of these cases we took a close look at seemingly ugly allegations, investigated the facts and followed the evidence, which showed that our clients didn’t do it. It is all about preparation and challenging the state’s assumptions,” said attorney Jason Rogers. “We are thrilled that these juries ensured that justice was done,” said Joseph Patton.

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