DACA demonstrationsOn April 23, 2018, Federal Judge John Bates ruled that the Trump administration had 90 days to put forth a better legal justification for ending Obama-era DACA. This is the third time federal judges have sided with “Dreamers” and DACA recipients.

This ruling means that the DACA program will continue and that the government will have to continue processing current DACA renewals, as well as allow for new applications to be filed. However, the Trump administration has 90 days to provide further legal reasoning.

To be eligible for DACA, the applicant must have (1) entered the United States before turning 16 years old, (2) lived continuously in the United States since June 15, 2007, (3) was physically present on June 15, 2012, (4) did not have legal status on June 15, 2012, (5) is currently in school or fulfills other educational requirements, and (6) has a clean criminal record. As long as the applicant has not left the United States and is not convicted of any serious crimes, the person can apply to renew their DACA.

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