Criminal justice reform is alive in the halls of Congress.  On May 22nd, the FIRST STEP Act, sponsored by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) and a coalition of 19 bipartisan cosponsors, passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 360-59.  The measure now moves to the Senate for consideration. Read more

DACA demonstrationsOn April 23, 2018, Federal Judge John Bates ruled that the Trump administration had 90 days to put forth a better legal justification for ending Obama-era DACA. This is the third time federal judges have sided with “Dreamers” and DACA recipients. Read more

As a criminal defense attorney it is always my goal to ensure that my clients have the best possible representation and receive the best possible outcome following an accusation that they committed a crime. A close review of the police report and an analysis of the circumstances of the arrest will help the attorney determine if the case goes to trial, or if the client will be better served by accepting a plea bargain. The client makes the ultimate decision, but the attorney should be able to guide the client to the best decision for their particular case. Read more